Time And Space

Time And Space

The Basic Concepts of “TMT” Teaching (An excerpt of Chapter 2 of “TMT Power Secrets” Book-2).
Presenting some standard “TMT” Teachings …
” TMT” implies “Transcendental Mental Technology, the science and innovation of recognized (physical) and unidentified (spiritual) worlds of life and truth.
It is merely: spirituality + science.
What Is Time, Mind, And Body, The Outer and inner Worlds?
Time = A duration of Infinity.
Infinity = non-ending time.
Eternity = Infinite infinities!
The spirit (inner) world is the very same as the external real world.
The spirit world is simply more subtle and refined and our senses can’t spot it.
Mind is made from 5 senses, through which we identify things.
That which our 5 senses can discover is that which we understand and which we call the real world.
That which our 5 senses can’t spot, we call the inner spirit world.
It is the mind (5 senses) that trigger a difference in between the 2.
Both the inner (spirit) world and the external real worlds are one and the exact same.
Male with his mind is simply standing in between the 2 worlds.
Through mind (senses), we move outside to the real world or inside to the inner world.
In the typical human, the senses move external, outdoors into the physical world.
Since the inner senses are inactive and not operating, the motion inside into the inner world is not occurring.
To end up being spiritual methods to trigger these inner senses so that they will begin working and begin moving within so that we’ll understand the inner world too.
The senses can just move in one instructions at a time.
It can’t relocate 2 instructions at the exact same time.
To make them move within, we need to make them to stop moving outside.
The very same energy in the senses will start to move within and light up and make the inner world understood.
If you want to understand the inner world, you need to withdraw from the external world.
Mind is the car to move into external world.
And “no mind” is the lorry to move into inner world.
The trade name for “no mind” is “MEDITATION”.
The best instructor about yogic meditation is Patanjali.
The best instructor of all kinds of meditations in modern-day times is Osho Rajneesh.
There are various kinds of yogas and meditations: laya yoga, mantra yoga, hatha yoga, tantric yoga, Jnana yoga, karma yoga, Bhakti yoga and raja yoga.
The world is mind, since mind is 5 senses and it is through those 5 senses that we understand the world, that we see, feel, touch, hear and taste things.
The physical world will vanish for us if the 5 senses stop operating.
The world is the 5 senses = the mind.
If you desire to withdraw from the external world, so that you can move within into the inner worlds, then withdraw from the mind and the 5 senses and the external world will vanish for you.
The energy of the 5 senses that were moving outside into the external world will alter instructions and begin moving within into the inner world.
The inner world is the unidentified measurement of male.
It is what we call the spiritual male.
The spirit world.
We have the incorrect concepts of it.
The spirit world is likewise here and now. It is not far off in another world.
It is not a paradise in the sky.
Paradise is a world (aka Marduk, Vulcan, 12th world and so on) where the anunnakis live. (see Zacharia Sitchin’s books).
We do not go to a paradise when we pass away.
No, we do not go to a hell either!
We stay here and now, in the 4th measurement.
The spirit world is here likewise, however in the 4th measurement.
Its instructions is opposite to this external world.
It is the subtle world.
Due to the fact that our senses are moving external, it is the other part of this world that our senses can’t identify.
To find the spirit world, you need to make the energy of your senses to alter instructions and start to move within.
A ghost is an entity that is here and now however in the 4th measurement.
It has a body.
To us in the 3rd measurement (physical world), it appears as if the body is transparent due to the fact that the 4th measurement is opposite to us, who are in the 3rd measurement.
To the ghost, we likewise appear not to be genuine. Our bodies will likewise appear transparent and made from light.
The truth of matter for both measurements are relative to each other.
We go to the 4th measurement when we pass away.
It is just our body in the 3rd measurement that has actually passed away when we pass away.
Our bodies in other measurements continue, along with our minds.
What we call a ghost, is the body of dead individual in the 4th measurement.
We’re multi-dimensional, and has no start or end. Our body has an end or no start.
The typical individual, is oblivious of this.
The typical individual exists just in the 4th and 3rd measurement.
The typical individual does not learn about greater measurements, beyond the 3rd or lower measurements listed below the 3rd.
Since knowledge or real spirituality suggests the achievement and the awareness of all measurements of presence, just an informed individual has such understanding.
What occurs to the typical individual is that he resides in the 3rd measurement without awareness.
When he passes away, he continues to be uninformed, and will not understand the 4th measurement.
He is born once again into the 3rd measurement when he passes away in the 4th measurement.
The presence of a typical unenlightened individual is restricted to the motion in between the 3r and 4th measurements.
This is the circle of birth and death.
This is chains to nature.
Due to the fact that of our desires, this chains to nature is.
Due to the fact that of the mind, and desires are there.
Desires = mind oblige us to be born into the 3rd measurement.
When we stop desires, the mind will liquify and our chains to nature will liquify and we do not need to continue returning once again and once again to the 3rd measurement (this world).
We will move on to greater measurements of presence and likewise get in into greater bodies.
Due to the fact that of your previous desires and dreams, you’re in this world today.
Those desires remain in your unconscious mind.
They produce your body and life.
Your desires and wants produce your bodies and life in the 3rd measurement.
Throughout your life in the 3rd measurement, which is this world, you develop more desires.
When you pass away in this 3rd measurement, this world, you move into the 4th measurement.
You’re not conscious of it.
You do not understand it.
Since the inner senses with which you can understand it are not operating.
For this factor, you live your life in the 4th measurement without understanding it.
It resembles someone who is born into the 3rd measurement, this world, however deaf, dumb, blind, paralyzed and mute.
Due to the fact that the organs and senses he requires to understand this world are not operating, such an individual will be in this world however will not understand this world.
What we call life or the presence of the typical individual is motion from 4th measurement to the 3rd measurement, back and forth due to the fact that we’re still rooted desires and this world is made up of desires.
It is desires that keep us bound worldwide, the 3rd measurement.
When desires stop, mind will liquify, and we are totally free to move into the 4th measurement and others greater.
This is the fundamental mentor of Guatma the Buddha, among the best thinkers who has actually ever resided on earth.
Simply due to the fact that desires are the chains does not imply that desires are wicked like some arranged faiths have actually been teaching.
Mind is the mom of time.
And “no mind” is the mom of infinity.
Beyond infinity is Eternity (awareness).
The reverse of time is not infinity.
The reverse of time is “no-time”.
Since infinity itself is a kind of time, the reverse of time is not infinity. Infinity is time without an end, a no-ending time, so infinity is not the reverse of time.
What is the reverse of time?
The reverse of time is “no-time” or “no-mind”.
Infinity resembles a circle: no start and no ending. .
Eternity resembles a world.
It has no measurement.
It has no structure. It has no limits. It can’t be explained.
That is why Lao Tzu stated “The Tao that can be informed is not the genuine Tao”.
It has no volume. Since it is area, it does not inhabit area.
There is absolutely nothing beyond Eternity. It is the supreme.
In truth, a straight line does not exit.
Just circles exist. And every straight line belongs to a circle.
The exact same opts for time.
Time does not exist. Just infinity exists. Whenever belongs to infinity … To understand a lot more, please search and discover complimentary “TMT Power Secrets ebooks”, download and start to read them.
My these insights and TMT Power totally free ebooks assist you comprehend yourself and the world and live a life filled with health, love, joy and success.
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Ikey Benney,.
Developer of “TMT Power Secrets”,.
TMT Org.
New York City City.

It has no structure. It has no borders. Time does not exist. Just infinity exists. Every time is part of infinity … To understand much more, please search and discover complimentary “TMT Power Secrets ebooks”, download and start to read them.

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