Signs on Headstones

Signs on Headstones

We typically see signs portrayed on the front of headstones, a lot of which have a significance. We have actually assembled a list of signs and their typical significances to assist you.


Angels are routinely seen on headstones and symbolise God and spirituality. Frequently these Angels are Michael, who has a sword and Gabriel, who is revealed with a horn.


Books can portray that the tomb, tombstone or headstone is a file holding details on the life of the deceased. An open book is typically viewed as a bio of ones life and a closed book portrays the ending of the story of the deceased.


A butterfly is frequently related to the resurrection and renewal of Christ.

Candle lights

Candle lights typically represent spirit or the soul in a spiritual context. The Christian faith partner candle lights with Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. In Catholic burials candle lights are typically left by the tomb to represent the continuous prayers for the deceased.


An essential sign of Christianity, symbolises charity, hope and faith.


A popular sign utilized on headstones represents peace and likewise the Holy Spirit.


Hearts typically show love and love from the living to the departed, 2 joint hearts can represent marital relationship.

The Scroll

If it unfolded from the rolled ends with the future and previous not on screen, a scroll portrays the life and times of the deceased as. , if a hand it holding the scroll this can portray the life being held by Angels.

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