Signs on Headstones

Indicators on Headstones

We usually see indications represented on the front of headstones, a great deal of which have a significance. We have really put together a list of indications and their common significances to help you.


Angels are frequently seen on headstones and symbolise God and spirituality. Regularly these Angels are Michael, who has a sword and Gabriel, who is exposed with a horn.


Books can represent that the tombstone, headstone or burial place is a file holding information on the life of the deceased. An open book is normally thought of as a bio of ones life and a closed book represents the ending of the story of the deceased.


A butterfly is usually connected to the resurrection and renewal of Christ.

Candle light lights

Candle light lights generally represent spirit or the soul in a spiritual context. The Christian faith partner candle light lights with Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. In Catholic burials candle light lights are generally left by the burial place to represent the constant prayers for the deceased.


An important indication of Christianity, symbolises charity, hope and faith.


A popular sign made use of on headstones represents peace and similarly the Holy Spirit.


Hearts generally expose love and love from the living to the left, 2 joint hearts can represent marital relationship.

The Scroll

If it unfolded from the rolled ends with the future and previous not on screen, a scroll represents the life and times of the left as., if a hand it holding the scroll this can represent the life being held by Angels

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