Quick Fixes

Quick Repairs

This is the age of the Quick Fix – the magic bullets that state to eliminate our unhappiness, our tiredness, our distress.
You need look no more than your mail box to see the range of treatments – prescription drugs and supplements – being plugged for whatever from stress to low energy.
In the age of modern-day stress, of stress and anxieties and financial slumps, many individuals find it hard to stand up to the cure-all warranties of “safe and natural” products.
From those that state to unwind an active kid, to those that offer you a much-needed energy boost, or bring back a sagging love life, quick repair work are all over.
And the truth that people providing them are producing a fortune exposes that there is definitely an exceptional requirement for these products.
There’s no doubt that supplements supply genuine relief to those who experience natural health problem. And some may provide a ‘more protected’ option for those who can not sustain prescriptions.
With a growing number of people grabbing a “safe” tablet merely to survive the day, taking supplements to manage life is winding up being the basic instead of the exception.
Most of us simply do not have the time or the personality to take care of the source of our stress. It costs considerably more to consult with a therapist than to buy a bottle of kava-kava from an online store.
Quick repair work are a short term service. And by using them as coping techniques, we risk of slipping into a constant cycle of psychological dependence, while disregarding the source of our stress.
Stress – emerging from the technique we react to situations, from the sensations, behaviour patterns and regimens that enter into our mental makeup.
Changing the state of minds or practices of a life time is never ever easy. We need to find coping approaches – support from buddies, home, area, faith, spirituality – and our own confidence.
We need to make use of whatever works finest for us, to avoid slipping back into the cycle of stress and suffering.
The alternatives are generally there finest in front of us – if we care enough to look for them. You may find them in a book, a church, a family reunion, a new love.
Normally the reactions are right there in your mind, nevertheless you require to CHOOSE to accept them.
Handling a problem takes 3 conscious actions:
Awareness: Realising that we have a concern
Approval: That we require to discover an option for it, and
Action: Taking concrete actions to resolve it
When you start to get rid of the source of your stress, you ยด ll find yourself reaching less and less for that magic tablet, that upper, that quick repair work.
A tablet might provide you a number of minutes of joy. The peace it brings will last you a life time when you get rid of the state of minds and behaviour that keep you down.

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